Welcome 2021 Board of Directors

Published Wed, Jan 27, 2021
Written by Raygine Francois


The year is 2021 and Pennies for Haiti is officially eleven years old!!! About three years after our inception I asked one of our Board Members if he thought we would turn 10 years. As we turned 10 Haiti was struggling with political "issues" and to make matters worse things followed with the pandemic outbreak. We even failed to install a 2020 board. So I hope to see some of our 2020 goals achieved this year with your participation.

Thank you for accepting the call to serve on the 2021 Pennies for Haiti Board of Directors. I would like to thank and welcome all of you both past and present board members for accepting to join this cause! Let us get on with the introductions…

Meet Our Boards

Our “headquarters” US Board of Directors members are:

Danielle Bijoux
Father John Gerth
Katia Toussaint
Jane & Victor Vierling

Our “International” Haiti Board of Director members are:

Tania Brandt
Nathalie Georges
Francisco Jovin
Kurt Jim Larsen
Ludger Valcin