Ready to Learn

The "Ready to Learn" project focuses on supporting increased literacy and education for underprivileged children. At this time, Pennies for Haiti sponsors 20 children from Kindergarten to college-aged. The goal of this project is to ensure that the children have an opportunity to receive an education.

"Ready to Learn" funds admission fees for the children's education. Another integral aspect of this project is providing uniforms, pencils, school books, notebooks, and other necessary school supplies to help the children succeed. Every child deserves educational access and this life-changing project provides opportunities for education that the children would not otherwise receive. According to UNICEF's statistics related to education in Haiti (, approximately 30% of children 15-24 years old are illiterate and approximately 25% of grade school-aged children do not attend school.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this program falls into Goal 4 "Quality Education". The United Nations ( has developed an agenda and created a plan of action to change the world, and meet goals, by 2030. This plan includes 17 sustainable development goals and Pennies for Haiti has adopted some of these goals in order to change lives for women, children, and families in Haiti.


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